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Illinois Destination Imagination Teams Forming Now!

The new ILDI season has begun! Welcome back to the Teams from around the state who have participated in the past, and welcome to our new teams joining us for the first time.

Many teams have already begun to form and are looking at the wonderful new Challenges for 2015-2016.  Don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to form a team and purchase your membership number. Most local teams start in November and December and then work together more often in January and February before the tournaments.  Other teams like to get going earlier and spread out the meetings and fun. That is what is great about DI. Your team makes the schedule work for them!

Several Team Manager Trainings are being scheduled for the next few months. Check the Affiliate Calendar for those dates and trainings. It is highly recommended that at least one Team Manager for each team attend a training each year, even if they have led a team in the past. The training will help you navigate the DI process and make all Team Managers better equipped to help the team create their own unique solution.

As you form your teams and start solving the Team Challenge and working on Instant Challenges, remember a few key items that you will need to attend your Regional tournament.

  1. Teams must have a membership number in order to have access to the full challenges. Memberships may be purchased on the main Destination Imagination website. After the team has the membership number, it is important to log into the Resource Area on the DI website to access team materials and to input Team Manger names and list the team members. This information can be edited at a later date if members are added.
  2. Teams must have at least one adult over 18 to act as a Team Manager.
  3. All teams must supply one additional adult over 18 (not the Team Manager) to act as an Appraiser (Judge for tournament) at their local Regional Tournament.  This Appraiser must attend training on a different day than the tournament and will not be guaranteed the opportunity to watch their team’s presentation at the tournament.  High School DI Alumni may qualify to act as an Appraiser at the discretion of the Regional Tournament Director.  Contact your Regional Director for further information.
  4. All teams presenting at a Regional Tournament will pay the local registration fee of $100.00 per team if they register their team online by January 16, 2016. If the teams register after 1/16/16, the fee will include a penalty of $50.00 and now be $150.00. Information on how to pay will be on the online registration form when it is posted.
  5. Additional Volunteers for the tournament may be requested by your Regional Director.
  6. Teams that qualify to attend the Affiliate Final on April 16, 2016 in DeKalb at NIU will pay a $100.00 per team registration fee for the Affiliate Tournament. Information on the Affiliate Final will be given to teams moving on at their Regional Tournament.
  7. Teams qualifying represent Illinois at the 2016 Global Finals which is held at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, will be announced at the Affiliate Final .  Teams who attend Global Finals should be prepared to be in Knoxville, Tenn. by Tuesday evening, May 24th and stay through the Closing Ceremony on May 28th.  Your team may present on any of the four days of the tournament, but special schedule requests may be made. Registration fees for Global Finals are per person, and start around $750.00 per team member. This includes all onsite housing, transportation, special activities and tournament fees. More information will be available about Global Finals in the “Travel Guide for Teams” which is released in January.

There are many wonderful resources for information about the entire DI program on the main website: Click on the link below to see more about this year's Challenges and all about the DI Program!

We look forward to working with all of the Illinois Teams and Volunteers!

Jan Darnell and Diana Dignan - Co-Affiliate Directors

and The ILDI Affililate Board Members

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