Illinois E-Mail Group

The ILDIMail group is a communication resource for Illinois DI Team Managers, volunteers, affiliate support staff and just about ANYONE interested in DI programs in Illinois!

Participants in Destination ImagiNation have long used the Internet to form online communities. Through email and web sites, people in all the different roles in the organization and from around the world have found new friends and helping hands as they work towards common goals.

This email group will bring you breaking news, tips, opportunities, and reminders to make your DI experience more manageable and enjoyable. It serves as a tool to maximize, supplement, and expedite information on the IL DI web site at

Efforts will be made to ensure accuracy of information shared, but any questions or concerns about the content should be referred to Diana Dignan and Jan Darnell, the Affiliate Directors via the following email address:

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Click to join ILDImail