Calling All Volunteers!

Interested in Appraising for 2018?

Click on this link: select "Volunteer not representing a Team" and scroll down to the Illinois Tournament of your choice and continue to scroll down to submit. Fill out the form, and we will be in touch!!! Thank you!


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Come join in the FUN !

Please think "outside the box" for ways you can personally help the children in this program! Are you a retired teacher, engineer or theater buff? Think about Appraising! Work for a newspaper or printing company? An accountant? We could use some advice! We'd love help with publicity and printing of materials! Perhaps you belong to an organization that supports educational or philanthropic endeavors for youth. We would greatly appreciate your assistance! Have time to make calls, create challenge bags, or maintain data? You can work at home. Can you connect us with schools or after school organizations? We will be happy to talk.

Because Destination Imagination is a not-for-profit organization, almost everything we do is organized and executed by our wonderful volunteers. From the writing of the Challenges to the planning and hosting of Tournaments, volunteers play a vital role in ensuring that we provide the best possible experience for all its participants. Every job at every Tournament and Event needs someone to do it. And that someone could be you!  Roles within Destination ImagiNation:

  • Team Managers: Adults age 18 and up who facilitate Destination Imagination teams. Many Managers are parents, teachers, or community members. We will train you!
  • Coordinators: Coordinators help form teams, coordinate and support Team Managers, register team memberships with Destination Imagination, register teams with the local and Affiliate (state) organizations, and communicate information to teams.
  • Volunteers: We need volunteers to plan and implement all our training events, workshops for teams, and of course the inspiring Tournaments that showcase the innovation skills of our teams!
  • Appraisers: Appraisers watch the teams’ Presentations at Destination Imagination Tournaments and award points for Challenge solutions. We provide the training to make you the expert! You must Appraise at a Regional Tournament to qualify to Appraise at our Illinois Affiliate tournament. Please fill out the Appraiser Volunteer form on the tournament registration page.
  • Click here to see more volunteer options and sign up as a Volunteer  SIGN UP HERE TO VOLUNTEER FOR ILDI Affiliate finals on March 24, 2018 at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois!

  • Check out current volunteer opportunities at

If you have questions about working with Destination Imagination as a Volunteer, Team Manager or Official, please contact Kathy O'Holleran at DI can’t do it without you!