Appraiser Training -Viking Middle School, Gurnee

Event Date: 
Saturday, February 10, 2018 - 9:00am
Illinois Destination Imagination Appraisers/Tournament Officials must attend one half-day training session per academic year to be certified. Training will be held Feb 10th at Viking Middle School, Gurnee. No experience is necessary – as a matter of fact, we are always looking for fun, caring “rookie” Appraisers to work with our experienced volunteer corps. Because the Destination Imagination Long-Term Challenges are always changing, all experienced Appraisers must be trained annually. Instant Challenge Appraisers need to attend training every other year to stay on top of current materials. 

What we ask of our Region 1 (Far North) Appraisers to do:

  • Have FUN!
  • Plan for 2 “SAT-DI-days” (Feb 10th for Training and March 3rd for the Region 1 Tournament)
  • Sit back and enjoy the free food, nifty t-shirt, new friendships, giving back to the community and amazing opportunity to watch children AMAZE you with their crazy awesome creativity!

What you should get out of Training:

  • Feeling comfortable to jump right in when our spirited training session starts.
  • Learn about our Region and your assigned Challenge.
  • Meet your fellow Appraisers
  • Ask lots of questions
  • Leave training with the tools to help evaluate, enjoy and validate the creative efforts of our Region 1 teams.

What to expect Tournament Day: Viking Middle School, Gurnee

The day usually begins around 7 am….Stop by the Hospitality Suite to grab some breakfast treats and coffee before you head off to your assigned challenge site! You are asked to stay until all teams have competed and the room is reset to pre-tournament condition! Please remember that Appraisers will NOT be able to sneak out to view teams and may NOT appraise for the challenge of the team they represent.