Region I Tournament

  Early Bird Deadline, Dec 20th, 2019 and Region 1 Registration will close Jan 20th, 2019 to begin Tournament prep!

Appraisers are actively engaged with teams, helping them to check in to their tournament site, observing their challenge solutions, discussing the solutions with the teams, and providing feedback and scores to teams – remember, the job is to ap"PRAISE"! In order to be an appraiser, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Appraisal Team Member Information:
  • Must be at least 18 to perform a scoring role
  • Everything you need to know will be taught to you at Appraiser Training by our AMAZING Regional Challenge Masters
  • Appraising is a two-day commitment. One Saturday training in early February AND Regional Tournament in early March. -Please Note:  Please express the importance that your Appraisal Volunteer honor their commitment to the team.
  • To ensure transparent and fair scoring at each Challenge site, Appraisers may only leave during scheduled breaks. This means Appraisers will not get to see their team perform. 
  • You may NOT be assigned to your own child/family member's challenge site. 
  • If you are a team manager, you will make a great appraiser but may NOT work in Instant Challenge OR the Challenge you are managing.
  • DI Alum Freshman and Sophomores no longer on a competitive team are encouraged to join the Appraisal team in non-scoring roles within Rising Stars...this opportunity is based on need and Tournament Director's approval is required. Roles are limited so make sure to get approval prior to registering a DI HS Alum.
  • JR/SR Alum have the option to move into non-scoring roles within Rising Stars and the tournament. Priority will be given to those who have volunteered through the Rising Star leadership process. Roles are limited so make sure to get Tournament Director approval prior to registering a DI HS Alum.
  • If you are recruited by a team; Knowing your team’s membership number and Team Manager name will help with Appraisal Registration! 
  • Appraisers will receive a nifty Tee and an official’s luncheon and snacks on tournament day!
  • In order to continue to offer this opportunity to area students, every team MUST supply one adult volunteer to represent their DI team as a Tournament Appraiser.

Volunteer Staff Member Requirement:

Tournaments would not be possible without the many volunteers that give their time to this program. On top of providing 1 Tournament Appraiser, each team is also required to provide 1 Tournament Volunteer staff member.  Your team tournament volunteer staff member will choose which time shift and slot they will cover from a SignUp Genius signup. Don't fret, ALL roles are super simple, 2-4 hour shifts and only require a positive attitude for success! Volunteers are only required to sign up for 1 volunteer time slot but are more than welcome to volunteer for multiple time slots ... we will not turn away anyone willing to work extra!  

Volunteer Staff Member  Sign up Genius- The link will OPEN Feb 10th, 2019 and will CLOSE for processing Feb 25th, 2019.

Tournament Registration Process: 

1. Verify your team information is CORRECT and UPDATED on the Resource site:     

  • Team name entered 
  • Team Challenge entered
  • Team level entered

2. Visit to enter the below information

  • Team member information complete 
  • Team Manager Information completed
  • Team Appraiser information completed: Committed Appraisal volunteer who completes Regional training and attends tournament on _____ 
  • Each section of online Registration must be  ✔  complete by registree

You can view this screencast for instructions on using the registration site: 

3. Pay Tournament Fees

ILDI  Regional Tournament Registration rate is 150.00.

  • Early Bird Rate Dec 20th, 2019! To qualify for this rate, teams must complete their Registration by Dec 20th, 2019. 
  • The fee for Teams who choose NOT to recruit a team Tournament Appraiser or who's Appraisers fails to show for the tournament will be 250.00. 
  • Payment made by credit card will inquire an additional 5.00 processing fee. All fees must be paid to receive scores.
  • Payment questions should be directed to
  • Mail payment to: ILDI Treasurer 503 Jennifer Lane,  Grayslake IL 60030.


 ILDI Region 1 Tournament Team

    Click here to e-mail the Regional Director


Upcoming 2018-2019 Dates:

  • Team Manager Fall Kickoff event- Oct/Nov- TBD
  • IC Winter BLitz -TBA
  • Early Bird Tournament Rate Deadline- Dec 20th,2019
  • Tournament Registration closes- Jan 20th, 2019 so our Volunteer team can start preparing!
  • Appraiser Training- TBD
  • Region 1 Regional Tournament- TBD
  • Affiliate Tournament-  TBD
  • Global Finals- TBD